Drinking Water

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Many water supplies, private or municipal, throughout the region fall short on providing the best taste or quality that you want from your tap. If you find your unsatisfied with the water you drink, installing a filtration or purification system may be what you’re looking for! Whether you want better tasting water, safer water, or to replace the hassle of bottled water, Verity Water has a solution for you.


Simple 1 or 2 stage filtration systems can easily be installed to provide taste and odor improvement for your kitchen tap or a separate tap. These affordable systems replace the common pitcher or faucet mount filters that get expensive, take up space, and produce limited amounts of filtered water.

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Reverse Osmosis purification

The finest method of filtration, reverse osmosis is capable of protecting you from the widest range of contaminants offering you the most peace of mind along with superior taste. View More Information about Reverse Osmosis